ReMind: An E-Game

Game Design
ReMind Preview

Project Overview

This electronic game was designed and programmed in Scratch in the Simulation and Gaming course I took during my Edtech M.A. in 2011.  


To strengthen short-term memory


As a solo project, I conceptualized, designed and developed this game entirely from “Scratch.” I came up with the title ReMind, created the storyboard, navigational chart, icons and buttons in Adobe Photoshop, and programmed the game in Scratch.

Tools used

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • CMap
  • Scratch Programming Software

Detailed Project Report

The ReMind game design document explains the rationale and details on how this electronic memory game was designed and created. It contains the following sections:


Instructional Objectives

Learners and Context of Use


Object of the Game

Design Details

Motivational Issues

Design Process

Competing Products


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