Instructional Designer and Educational Technologist experienced in higher education and corporate settings. Diverse projects with one common goal:
Help people learn and perform so they can do things they couldn't do before.

What's my process?

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Discover and define the gap or problem for all stakeholders.

Solution Design

Create a blueprint for solutions that will help people learn and perform.


Build the learning and performance solutions that bridge the gap.


Train and support those who will put the solutions into action.


Find out if the solutions worked and iterate as needed.

Three Main Streams

What I create greatly depends on the needs of the people I serve. Context is paramount in designing the right solution. To get a glimpse of my process in action, let me walk you through cases in each of the main streams I serve: higher education, corporate training and online communities.

Case Studies

Higher Education

Corporate Training

Online Communities

Project samples

Projects come in all shapes and sizes just like problems do. I only choose solutions after discovering and defining the problem(s) we're solving for. Here are some of the projects I've created.


Performance Needs Analysis

High-Level Design

Detailed Design

Change Management Campaign

Instructional Design

Training Needs Analysis

Instructor-led Course



Educational Technology

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