I design learning experiences and tools
to help people reach their goals.

Learning, technology and design is at the foundation of what makes humans and societies change. We have the ability to design our ideal futures through how and what we learn and by implementing what we learn. This is very powerful stuff which is why I'm so passionate about what I do.

What do you do?

I create learning experiences and materials, training programs, courses, workshops, performance support tools that help people use what they learn or know, and change management communications. I've worked on academic and corporate learning projects for a variety of clients and am a member of ATD and ISPI. I have 7 years of experience and counting in instructional design and educational technology. 

How did you fall into this field?

Curiosity and playing around with creativity and technology brought me to where I am today. In high school, I wrote songs, had an art portfolio, and made websites for fun. While I studied philosophy and music technology at Acadia University, I used artistic modalities like film and electroacoustic music composition to reframe human experiences. An opportunity popped up to join Acadia's Institute for Teaching and Technology and I became an instructional designer there and helped professors use technology in the classroom. Forward-thinkers there showed me the power of design and technology for change and it completely shifted my thinking. 

At Concordia University, I finished my B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Educational Technology. In my studies, I dug deep into human needs, learning, motivation and human performance. Now I design training programs and courses for corporate organizations and higher education. I know that design can make life better or worse depending how it's done so it is critical to be very conscious of what you create. Adaptability, creativity and resilience help people overcome obstacles but sometimes we have to go back to the drawing board and figure out if certain obstacles need to be there in the first place. By questioning assumptions and distilling needs to their basic core, we can design impactful and sustainable systems for the future. On that last note, my plea to you is to be mindful, systemic, holistic and compassionate when you think through problems and design solutions for lasting positive change.

Hi, I'm Amber Judge.
My role resembles that of a content alchemist or a learning wizard, if you permit me the metaphor. That's because in the process of creating learning experiences, I help elucidate people’s visions, uncover obstacles, bring clarity to chaos, and trace realistic and actionable pathways to success. I analyze and design for future learning and performance outcomes through systematic and systemic methodologies. My mission is to catalyze positive transformation by design. I'm a learning specialist, instructional designer, educational technologist, futuristic thinker, researcher, and writer.

Change requires conscious redesign
and aligned action towards a specific and realistic goal.

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